112 Degrees - A New Angle on Male Sexual Health

The LIFE SPAN labs Story

Just like the consumers who use this product, the partners who founded LIFE SPAN labs are American male Baby Boomers who want to stay healthy and fit and continue to enjoy a quality sex life in middle age and beyond. More importantly, they want to maintain a feeling of peak performance without taking pharmaceutical drugs.

But when they tried some all-natural alternatives, they discovered they just weren’t effective. Or the few that were effective contained ingredients that weren’t all natural. In fact, some were contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs! Nor did any of the products contribute to long-term sexual health and vitality; they were simply “quick fixes” whose marketing approaches preyed upon the male ego or sexual insecurity.

Realizing a new approach was long overdue in the men’s sexual health product category, the partners at LIFE SPAN labs spent 2 and a half years doing research, and they were ultimately introduced to a proprietary formula developed by a team of license naturopathic physicians and scientists who are experts in the field of holistic and integrative medicine. The unique formula proved to be safe, effective, and 100% natural. Learn more about 112 Degrees ingredients.

Our People

Rodney J. Tallman

As a founding partner of LIFE SPAN labs, Rod brings a wealth of experience to the areas of marketing and product development. After a 19-year career at Nike, Inc. followed by a three year sabbatical, Rod is now focusing his talents in a direction that takes advantage of his breadth of experience and that also aligns with an area of personal interest – natural products for men that support health, sexual vitality and quality of life.

During his years at Nike, Rod’s greatest achievement was his involvement with Nike Golf during a critical time of growth for the brand. As Director of Marketing, his responsibilities included advertising, public relations, events, endorsements and point of sale. The position also included oversight of footwear product development. While at Nike Golf the brand grew from a healthy $30 million to $200 million a year business for the sportswear giant.

After he retired, Rod found that he had accrued quite a “to do list” after working such long hours for so many years. This discovery led to a much needed sabbatical that was spent helping a few friends with business projects, volunteering, traveling, getting reacquainted with his hobbies and spending time with his family.

Rod is using the experience gained during a lifetime in corporate America and private consulting to lead LIFE SPAN lab’s management, marketing and product development efforts in the same high integrity, effective manner that has created success throughout his career.

Kenneth B. Hobson

Ken’s experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions began as president of an international firm, where he oversaw its purchase by a Fortune 500 company. Since then, Ken has owned, grown and sold 11 businesses. Currently, Ken is a consulting partner at Piper Group International, a middle market mergers and acquisitions firm.

Involved with every aspect of running closely held companies, Ken intimately understands the demands of owning a business, and has experience with all financial aspects including: accumulating investment capital, acquiring businesses, managing cash flow and making payroll. He understands the ups and downs that buyers, sellers and investors face, in addition to the external influences created by attorneys, cpas, bankers and other advisors that often create challenges.

Aside from dedication to his career, Ken has a sincere interest in community affairs. He served as President and Chairman of the Board of Committed Partners for Youth, an at risk youth mentoring organization. In addition, he has volunteered considerable time and effort over the last fifteen years to the Salvation Army’s annual winter coat drive for children.

After a successful 25-year career managing the dynamics of mergers and acquisitions for many companies, Ken is now enthusiastically focusing his entrepreneurial talents and business acumen on the success of his latest business venture, LIFE SPAN labs.

David W. Edwards

At Nike, Inc. for 19 years, Dave served primarily in the roles of Vice President and General Manager with responsibilities for 1,500 people and $1 billion in sales.  A CPA who also holds an MBA, Dave developed strategies and execution plans for international startup operations at Nike and was an integral part of their growth to global dominance.  As a VP International/Managing Director, Dave established Nike’s presence in emerging markets in much of Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

After retiring from Nike in 1997, Dave started an independent consulting business where he focused his talents on the successful turnaround of a number of middle market companies.

While Dave has traveled extensively and has lived in many different cities around the globe, his heart belongs to the Great Northwest.  An avid outdoorsman, Dave loves to golf, fish and hike. He is currently enjoying remodeling his lake cabin in the Columbia Gorge. 

Dave’s unique background positions him as an ideal member of the founding partnership of LIFE SPAN labs.  An accomplished corporate strategist, Dave brings years of expertise with startup operations and his global vision to LIFE SPAN lab’s international business potential.

Dean R. Porter

Dean has over 20 years of Fortune 500 company leadership experience in operations, finance, and planning. From a CPA position at Coopers & Lybrand, Dean moved into a long and fruitful role with Nike. In his career there, Dean led many aspects of Nike’s complex apparel supply chain and financial operations.  It was during his tenure as part of  NIKE Apparel’s senior management team that apparel sales grew over 100% per year. 

Most recently, Dean was CFO at Nau, an apparel start-up in Portland, OR..  Nau became nationally recognized for breaking paradigms across the multiple dimensions of fashion-forward sustainable outdoor/lifestyle apparel, blurring the lines between web and traditional retail, and customer directed philanthropy.

Dean’s vast experience in planning, operations, supply chain management, and finance for both large corporate and small start-up businesses will be extremely useful to LIFE SPAN labs in helping the Company grow and realize its full potential.  Dean’s specific role at the Company is  to oversee all accounting and financial matters.

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