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A natural, holistic look at male sexual health from Healing Quest and 112 Degrees

Life-enhancing, relationship-building sex is an important component of every person's overall well being. As seen on PBS, in the Healing Quest segment entitled "Male Sexual Health" Dr. Marcus Laux, ND discussed the complex nature of male sexual health, looking at the psychological and physical issues involved. Dr.Laux, ND, a licensed naturopathic physician, also shared his views on a natural, holistic approach to long-term male sexual health.

For many people, sexual interest does not diminish as they age. To help provide nutritional support for male sexual performance Dr. Laux recommends 112 Degrees. "While you could take individual herbs for sexual health, I don't recommend that approach," commented Dr. Laux in the segment. "112 degrees is the only product I know of that has been tested, that has no adulterants, and that has gone through all of the studies for quality control. It's the only product in the market that has the pedigree, the science and the safety that I would recommend."

In agreement with the experts featured in the segment, 112 Degrees is not focused on a quick fix. Rather, this product is designed to work with your body by supplying nutrients known to improve circulation and sexual performance, as well as to help promote overall vitality.* 112 Degrees can help you enjoy the many emotional, physical and social benefits of a healthy sex life as you age.

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So how do we know it's the best natural sexual health formula? We take 112 Degrees ourselves and have experienced the fantastic benefits first-hand.

A proprietary blend of botanicals and nutrients

The 112 Degrees formula includes a proprietary blend of ingredients to support your long-term sexual health, including Tribulus terrestris.* 112 Degrees also contains Butea superba—an herb renowned in Thailand. Backed by clinical trials to support male sexual health, Butea is also proven to promote vitality.* The 112 Degrees formula additionally contains Pueraria mirifica, an isoflavone-rich vine native to Thailand. It contains 13 different phytonutrients that are traditionally used to stem the tide of age-related challenges, including improved circulation, energy, skin appearance, memory and more.* Super antioxidants like A├žai—plus essential vitamins and minerals that support overall good health—round out the 112 Degrees formula.*

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Experience noticeable results

When taken as directed, healthy men who have used 112 Degrees have experienced noticeable improvements in blood flow to the penis.* They also report increased libido and improved sexual performance.* Others have noted changes that include more frequent morning erections, more intense orgasms, improved urination—including ease of going and urine flow—and even an increase in mental alertness and energy.*

112 Degrees for Men is guaranteed

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